Post Truth World is committed to free speech and truth
You’re either for or against,
There is no middle ground! is a platform for independent truth- & solution-seekers. We aim to explain and simplify what is known of ‘The Game of Life’ , and explore methods old and new that enable us to rise to the challenges of these difficult, daunting and upside-down times.

At present, many wars are being waged on the face of Earth: there is information war, financial war, spiritual war, war on consciousness and communities, war on motorists, war on small businesses and families, war on jobs, war on rights and freedoms, war on ways of life!

Freedom of speech is ever more restricted, individual autonomy increasingly limited, and documented facts are being buried and replaced by stories – narratives – that have no verifiable basis. aims to focus on the difference between what is known and what is believed.

Over the millennia humanity has collectively solved innumerable problems, risen to the endless challenges of time and environment, and survived. Curiosity and a willingness to explore, understand and adapt, are essential if we are to identify and respond to our most basic problems. In many cases ready solutions have been recognised and subsequently, lost, ignored or hidden.

At PTW we encourage peaceful, co-creative, solution-based* discussion and seek to investigate the intellectual, historical and practical weaponry available to defeat those that would have their way with us!

The most pressing challenge is to find people who know that times are changing and wish to act.

Fellow Tenants of Camp Earth, this time we are all in the crosshairs
of the Powers That Benefit.
Will you do something?
Will you resist?
This is no time to cower and hide!
We are the problem; we are the solution; ALL power comes from ‘we the people’.

If we don’t like what’s done to us and/or what’s done in our name, WE should do something about it. We are where we are through our own acquiescence. It is our moral responsibility and legal duty to act. If we fail to act, we become legally bound by the behaviours to which we have given our silent consent.

We are the problem; We are the solution: We need to be the change we want to see.

Right Now!

If these statements are unacceptable, or if you feel that this is all someone else’s problem, it may be that you are in the wrong place! If you agree that we are all responsible for the problem and the solution, if you feel an obligation to redress some of the imbalances that currently define what passes for civilisation, we’d love to hear from you.

* t&c – un-peaceful, destructive, ‘all-talk-no-action’ and problem-obsessed interventions are heartily discouraged.

So don’t be an arsehole

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