The Post Truth World NewsBlog Open For Business.

Greetings friends, today we bring you the good news that the Post Truth World news blog is now up and running. It’s taken a bit longer than planned, but hey ho, here we go!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. We started in December 2020, we’ve not advertised and don’t/won’t do anti-social media. We are fully independent, self-funded & committed to freedom of speech, we will NEVER run adds or take sponsors. What we will do is work with and promote good people doing the right thing.

We hope the Post Truth World Hub becomes a place for people to talk, learn and have fun, not in the new way of the new world, but in the way we used to before ‘truth’ was turned on it’s head. There will be several authors to out news/blog posts, we hope others will join soon. If you have a show on one of the big platforms like YouTube, you probably know your days are numbered! Think about making the move before you get booted and lose your audience.

PTW is actively seeking good people to join us. You can have your own page, own email, promote your sites and services, all with technical support and ZERO interference with YOUR content!